Mobydick Punishes Harpoons edition of the Mosh Pit Hell

MPH brings metal punk and hardcore into KAOS as the mosh pit hell with the doormouse, dmf, Sunday, 20 November 2016, 9pm CDT.

#MobydickPunishesHarpoons remembers the downing of the Essex and it’s influence on Hermen Melville’s masterpeice “Moby Dick; or, the Whale” with new nautical tunes by the Melvins, Theropoda, SeasicK, Apthy Noir plus deep diving classics by Mastodon, Demons & Wizards, Atlantis Chronicles, From the Embrace, the Fall of Troy and even more undersea mosh from the Esoteric, Architects, Textures, Grave, Primordial, Gojiria and much more. Learn about the Essex’s fateful final sail and how you can save the whales with while you get a whale of a mosh going on the airwaves tonight.

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Author: MPH noise radio with thedoormouse, dmf

MPH is noise radio. AKA: Music, Philanthropy and History in Mosh Pit Hell of Metal, punk and hardcore with your host, the doormouse, dmf (that stands for dirty metal fuck, you fuck). We are Manipulating People's Heads and Making Poseurs Hip Sunday Nights, 1900 USCT (seven post meridiem united states central time for the Whos at home) from the Isle of Misfit Toys! MPH was founded in 2013 by a nerd with a music degree and more than fifteen years of experience in the entertainment industry looking for a way to share a passion for the intersection of facts from the past, things to do to make a better future and the soundtrack that accompanies both. Follow along with @mphnoise on your favorite social network and tune in here: