Madness-a-thon, Part 4!? Listen in, Sat, March 23th, 6pm EST (5 Central)!

The Super-MAD! Mxyz?! March Madness-a-thon! Two-episode marathons every Saturday during the month of March, building to a new episode, Sunday March 31st! Let the Madness begin!!!

Madness-a-thon 2019
(What Is) The SuperMAD! Mxyz?!™ Rock 'n' Roll Radiocast!?

Book 2 is in your Face!

It is week 4 of the Madness-a-thon, and we are full-steam-ahead into a whole new section of the Mxyz…Book 2…

…aka, “Dream On!” Episode 7 shares that particular moniker, and starts to establish just why that is the theme for this block of music.

Together we will explore the mysteries of what it means to have a serious dream…the courage it takes to pursue it…the pitfalls that occur along the way…the secrets to continuing on in the face of adversity…and a subtle promise woven into the fabric of reality…for those who truly dare to Rock!

Won’t you join us, on this Strange Adventure?!
~E! @

Saturday, 23rd:
Book 2, Ep. 2 (#7): Dream On!
Book 2, Ep. 3 (#8): Tribute!

Sunday, 24th: Book 2, Ep. 4) (#9): Whip Out Your Rock!

NOTE: Madness-a-thon’s will contain a few morsels of exclusive content for those who tune in! It’s a whole new listening experience


What the gol-durn is a “Madness-a-thon,” you ask?!

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The Superman/Madman Hullabaloo ~ Mike Allred
The Superman/Madman Hullabaloo ~ Mike Allred

…there may be some exclusive content that comes along with these marathons…so if you haven’t heard the whole show before, now’s your chance for a unique listening experience! Let the Madness begin!

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Madness-a-thon Schedule

Saturday, 2nd:
Book 1, Ep. 1: Enter Frank Einstein…The MADMAN! of Snap City!
Book 1, Ep. 2: Aliens & A.I. (Enter Astroman & Mott, From Hoople!)

Sunday, 3rd: Book 2, Ep. 1 (6): Now For Something Completely Different!

Saturday, 9th:
Book 1, Ep. 3: The Outer Limits of…The Twilight Zone!
Book 1, Ep. 4: Holy Hullabaloo, Superman!

Sunday, 10th: Book 2, Ep. 2 (#7): Dream On!

Saturday, 16th:
Book 1, Ep. 5: Lost in Space! (The End?!)
Book 2, Ep. 1 (6): Now For Something Completely Different!

Sunday, 17th: Book 2, Ep. 3 (#8): Tribute!

Saturday, 23rd:
Book 2, Ep. 2 (#7): Dream On!
Book 2, Ep. 3 (#8): Tribute!

Sunday, 24th: Book 2, Ep. 4) (#9): Whip Out Your Rock!

Saturday, 30th:
Book 2, Ep. 3 (#8): Tribute!
Book 2, Ep. 4) (#9): Whip Out Your Rock!

Sunday, 31st: NEW EPISODE, #10!

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Superman (C) DC Comics, Madman (C) Mike Allred
Playlist & other original artwork by Eric Wilmoth (E!)

Andy Conlin (Shit’s all fucked up)
Superman: The Movie” Theme, “Madmen” Theme, and a clip from Superman The Animated Series

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