Adventures In Tacoland 3rd Annual 420 Smokeout 04-20-16 9-11pm cst

Join me tonight LIVE from 9-11 pm cst for my 3rd Annual 4 2 0 Smokeout with music from Linval Thompson, Muddy Waters, Rick James, Cypress Hill, Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers, Sean Reefer & The Resin Valley Boys, The Capital Letters, Bob Dylan, Curtis Mayfield, King Gizzard, Tom Petty, Fraternity of Man, Traffic, Black Sabbath and comedy from Brian Posehn, Franklin Ajaye, and of course Cheech & Chong along with soundclips from Dazed & Confused, Big Lebowski, Easy Rider and Up In Smoke, plus a few extra surprises and secret stashes!

-Ziggy 04/20/2016

Author: Ziggy

Producer & Host of "Adventures In Tacoland" every Friday night 7-9PM CST and the brand new ALL VINYL show on Sunday afternoons called "The Modern Human Show" from 1-5PM CST - Bringing to your earholes: Psychedelic, Punk, Soul, R&B, New Wave, Surf, Garage, Grunge, Alternative, Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Funk, Reggae, Blues, Jazz, and good old fashioned ROCK AND ROLL to melt your mind and groove your soul since 2013 only on KAOS RADIO AUSTIN! It doesn't have to make sense.