Under the Covers

KAOS Radio Austin is proud to present Under the Covers – a daily mix of cover songs to start your morning off. Enjoy some of the classics with a modern interpretative spin 8AM Central with the KRA staff.

Crawl back under the covers with covers that are as expansive as KRA itself and take a snooze button siesta that might bring you dreams as diverse as of H2O performing Madonna, Children of Bodom performing Britney Spears, , Anti-Flag performing Woodie Gutherie, theAnneke van Geiserbergen performing Alanis Morresette, the Dillinger Escape Plan doing Public Enemy, Believer performing U2, Volbeat performing Hank Williams, Johnny Cash performing Nine Inch Nails, Stretch Arm Strong performing NWA, Between the Buried & Me performing Queen, the Bouncing Souls performing the Kinks, Crowbar performing Led Zeppelin, the Deftones performing the Cure, Within Temptation performing Lana Del Ray, Strawberry Girls performing Carly Rey Jenson and more crazy combinations to leave you with some pretty psychedelic thoughts as you begin your day.

Tune in daily at 8M US Central Time for a block of busted up cover songs for Under the Covers on @KAOSATXOfficial!