Sunday Punk Rock Matinee

KAOS Radio Austin is proud to present Sunday Punk Rock Matinee – a weekly long listen in the inspiration of the old school all ages punk rock extravaganza that helped popularize the genre, revived Sunday afternoon long with KRA.

You can expect an exceptional experience of punk, hardcore and sonic excess of subgrnres that inspired kids with Xes on their fists, mohawks in their hair, boots on their feet and a multitude of unique dances in the pit as your Sunday afternoon long Musical Muse of the Sunday Punk Rock Matinee.

Get in the punk rock pit of despair and delight with the likes of of bands such as Against Me, Agnostic Front, Anti-Flag, Bad Religion, Black Flag, the Bouncing Souls, Dead Kennedys, H20, Hatebreed, Ignite, Indecision, Lifetime, the Loved Ones, Most Precious Blood, MxPx, Pennywise, Perfect Pussy, Propaghandi, the Refused, Rise Against, Rites of Spring, Sick of it All, White Lung, Youth of Today, 7 Seconds in your Sunday Punk Rock Matinee Experience.

Tune in Sundays at Noon US Central Time for Punk Rock Matinee on KRAATXOfficial!