Episode 30 El Duce’s Ghost – the Sensual Woman with Sandee

Tonight’s show is a very sensual episode. Sandee and I listen to The Sensuous Woman by “J”. She teaches us not to be ashamed of our sensuality. We also listen to some great music and get a little wild. Let’s just say I invented a sexy new move I like to call “the Reagan”. Sandee seems to think it will be a hit with all the guys. I think she is quite mistaken. Later on we dress shame Molly Ringwald in the movie Pretty in Pink and I do my best James Spader impression. Due to a previous technical problem I lost 55 mins of the 2 hour show so I give ol’ Sandee a ring on the telephone and we continue our banter. I hope all this femininity doesn’t scare you away from listening. Tune in at 9pm central on kaosradioaustin.org or download and listen at your leisure at the link below. Stay sexy and femey.

Ep 30 The Sensual Woman pt 1

Ep 30 The Sensual Woman pt 2

1.The Sensuous Woman by “J”
2.public image limited – this is what you want this is what you get – the order of death
3.david lynch – twin peaks fire walk with me – the pink room
4.lunachicks – pretty ugly – don’t want you
5.babes in toyland -fontanelle – bluebell
6.dunebuggy – homage lots of bands doing descendents’ songs – good good things
7.the babies – our house on the hill – baby
8.the cure – the head on the door – the baby screams
9.death from above 1979 – you’re a woman i’m a machine – little girl
10.deftones – diamond eyes – rocket skates
11.the plimsouls – everywhere at once – a million miles away
12.toro y moi – Underneath the Pine – Still Sound
13.ween – la cucaracha – sweetheart in the summer
14.The Zombies – I Love You – I Love You
15.Fozzy – SOS (ABBA cover)
16.dinosaur jr – you’re living all over me – little fury things
17.sonic youth – rather ripped – rats
18.electric wizard – dopethrone – vinum sabbathi
19.dreamsalon – soft stab – soft stab

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