~rerun~ Part one of the Kit Kat Savage Saga: El Duce’s Ghost 7-24-15 EP 18 One Boob Short with DJ Nasty Nat

Tonight we dust off an oldie but goodie. I have one half of the Radio Tatas duo sit in with me. Never in my life have I had so much fun and so much judgment at the same time. We are drunk on meat from Stiles Switch and horny for evil. We talk meat comas, podcasts, and about nasty naughty things with big words and vulgar innuendos. I also get wayyy meta about dead presidents and eating kit kats in my NPR Fresh Air interview. So take off your pants and put your favorite high heels on. It’s time to have fun. Stay Tuned for the trickle over battle that made its way onto The Goddamn Dave Hill Show.

El Duce’s Ghost 7-24-15 EP 18 One Boob Short with DJ Nasty Nat

  1. Angel Witch – Angel Witch – Angel witch
  2. Skatenigs – Horny For Evil – Stupid People Shouldn’t Breed
  3. Gay For Johnny Depp – Suckcess – What Doesn’t Kill You, Eventually Kills You
  4. Gravy Train!!! – Hella Nervous – Hello Doctor
  5. Hand Job Academy – U Mad
  6. Mickey Avalon – Jane Fonda –
  7. Dirt Nasty – 1980
  8. Mickey Avalon – My Dick
  9. Peaches – Fuck The Pain Away
  10. Baby shambles – fuck forever –
  11. Block Party – Banquet –
  12. Lost Sounds – Better Than Something
  13. Pretty Girls Make Graves – Sad Girls Por Vida
  14. Pixies – Head On
  15. Rasputina – Why Don’t You Do Right
  16. The Growlers – Going Gets Tuff – Chinese Fountain
  17. The Babies – Baby – Our House on the Hill
  18. Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith – Not In Love
  19. Blasted Canyons – Get High
  20. Jawbreaker – Sea Foam Green
  21. Joy Division – Disorder
  22. White Lies – There Goes Our Love Again
  23. The King Khan & BBQ Show – Fish Fight
  24. The Yardbirds – Over Under Sideways Down
  25. The Sounds – No One Sleeps When I’m Awake – Crossing the Rubicon
  26. The Sugarcubes – Hit
  27. Blouse – White

Author: Watty

Location: the Doom Room. Never family friendly. I am the three headed hydra of the apocalypse, lover of queso, friend of animals. Forever surly. I am the kitchen creeper. Kit Kat Savage. Sometimes I bite.