El Duce’s Ghost 6-25-16 ep 32 Half Ass Watchin Videos With Sandee

Tonight Sandee and I eat cold pizza and watch videos and listen to some music. A few topics we cover are Kit Kats, ghosts from the past, six female behaviors that men love (curiously, written by a woman), and top ten things that women want from men. If that doesn’t curl your toes then tune in to find out how Hitler won me back over. Tune in at 9pm central or download and listen at your leisure at the link below.

el duce’s ghost 6-25-16 ep 32 half ass watchin videos with sandee

  1. Chicago – Stay the Night
  2. Chicago – 25 or 6 to 4 live
  3. Broken Gold – Dome Light – Broken Gold bandcamp
  4. INXS – The One Thing
  5. Daikaiju – Zombie Harem -video is no longer unavailable
  6. They Might Be Giants – Impressed
  7. Duran Duran- The Reflex 
  9. Six Female Behaviors That Men Love with Aphex Twin CIRKLON3 in the background
  10. Ten Things Women Look for In Men with Aphex Twin Xtal in the background
  11. The Flirts – Jukebox
  12. Jackyl – The Lumberjack
  13. Elliott Smith – Satellite – Elliott Smith
  14. Raspberries – Go All The Way – Raspberries
  15. Todd Rundgren – I Saw The Light – Something/ Anything?
  16. Radio Birdman – Descent Into the Maelstrom – Radios Appear
  17. Oblivians – I May Be Gone – Play Nine Songs with Mr. Quintron
  18. Cursive – Driftwood: A Fairy Tale – The Ugly Organ
  19. the Meat Puppets – Bad Love – Up on the Sun
  20. Built to Spill – Goin’ Against Your Mind – You In Reverse
  21. The rooster song from Robin Hood

Author: Watty

Location: the Doom Room. Never family friendly. I am the three headed hydra of the apocalypse, lover of queso, friend of animals. Forever surly. I am the kitchen creeper. Kit Kat Savage. Sometimes I bite.