Smooth & Demented-Day of the Dead

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Smooth & Demented bring the best in underground country and bluegrass …and in the second half of the program explore the new compilation album Day of the Dead featuring amazing current artists covering the Grateful Dead! Mumford & Sons, Bonnie Prince Billy, The War on Drugs, The National and more!

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Smooth & Demented-New Album from Sleepy Eyes Nelson

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Smooth & Demented present the best of the underground folk/country scene and ….the impressive new album “Without a Trace” from Scottish bluesman Sleepy Eyes Nelson in the second half of the program!

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Find out more about Scotland based Cheap Wine Records @

Smooth & Demented-Live with Country Willie from the Hard Luck

willie hardluck KAOS

Country Willie Edwards is one of the most amazing country singers around! A true cosmic cowboy…Country Willie has hundreds of original songs and is a undiscovered jewel in the Texas songwriting world!
KAOS radio and the Smooth & Demented Show was on hand to conduct an impromptu field recording session of his concert at the Hard Luck Lounge in Austin, Texas!
The best of the country/folk music underground in the first half and Country Willie-live in ATX in the second half!

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Re-run – Ep 24 – 10-30-15 – Los Growlers and the Mysterious Case of the Digital Gremlins

I went through digital and internet hell trying to get this show up. This is the complete 2 hour show in all it’s obscene glory. I hope you enjoy it and sorry for the tomfoolery. Tonight’s show is one part growlers and one part Halloween. I drove down to the Rio Grand Valley to watch the growlers play in McAllen and to visit Sandee. There are a few drunken glitches that I didn’t find until later but hey.. vodka happens.

Ep 24 – 10-30-15 – Los Growlers and the Mysterious Case of the Digital Gremlins

  1. The Growlers – Barnacle Beat – Are You In Or Out?
  2. The Growlers – Something Someone Jr – Are You In Or Out?
  3. The Growlers – Red Tide – Are You In Or Out?
  4. The Growlers – People Don’t Change Blues
  5. The Growlers – Going Gets Tuff – Chinese Fountain
  6. The Growlers – Magnificent Sadness – Chinese Fountain
  7. The Growlers – Derka Blues – Hung At Heart
  8. The Growlers – One Million Lovers – Hung At Heart
  9. King Khan & BBQ Show – Zombies – What’s For Dinner?
  10. Creepxotica – Hotel Street Blues – Haunted Bossa Nova
  11. The Flaming Lips – Children of the Moon (featuring Tame Impala) – The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends
  12. Chelsea Wolfe – Bounce House Demons – The Grime And The Glow
  13. Black Moth Super Rainbow – Gangs in the Garden – Cobra Juicy
  14. Mike Watt – Against The ’70s – Ball-Hog Or Tugboat
  15. The Dead Milkmen – V. F. W. – Big Lizard In My Backyard
  16. Terror Visions – Taste It (Face) – World of Shit
  17. GG Allin – Die When You Die – Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies
  18. Bikini Kill – Double Dare Ya – The First Two Albums
  19. The Clash – Rudie Can’t Fail – London Calling
  20. Cherry Glazerr – Teenage Girl – Haxel Princess
  21. Le Tigre – Eau D’Bedroom Dancing – Le Tigre
  22. Blouse – White – Blouse
  23. Gorillaz – M1A1 – Gorillaz
  24. Styx – Renegade – Pieces of Eight
  25. Anthrax – Indians – Among The Living
  26. Clarence Carter – Strokin’ – Dr. C.C.