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Smooth & Demented Show-OSMF Preview 2018


Smooth & Demented give a preview of what to expect at Old Settlers Fest 2018! El Demento brings music from artists who have played OSMF for this full 2hr show!  Featuring live recordings from Possessed by Paul James!

El Demento and DJ Erroneous will be on the scene collecting interviews and field recording sessions for OSMF 2018!

Download: Click Here!



(What Is) The Super-MAD! Mxyz?! ~ Book 2, Ep. 3 (#8): Tribute! ~ Original Airdate: April 1st, 2018 10pm-Mid, EST!

(What Is) The Super-MAD! Mxyz?! ~ Book 2, Ep. 3 (8): Tribute! ~ Airtime: April 1st, 2018 10pm-Mid, EST!

The 8th episode of The SuperMAD! Mxyz?! on KAOSradioaustin.org!

Episode is now available for on-demand listening!

It’s the first new episode of 2018, as March Madness collides with an April Fools, Easter Sunday, post a blue moon Passover…so the veil is thin, and the spirits are eager to share their lessons with us.

In this episode, we’re figuring out what it takes to recognize the Muse that guides us–as well as some of the pitfalls that can plague us–on our journey of creative self-discovery.

Join us as we venture down paths both daunting and rewarding…and learn why the theme of this episode is “Tribute!”

Guest Hosts: Andy Conlin &
Matt Preuss (author of “Queens And Kings”)

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Playlist & Original artwork by Eric Wilmoth (E!)
Superman (C) DC Comics, Madman (C) Mike Allred

Andy Conlin
Superman: The Movie” Theme, “Madmen” Theme, and a clip from Superman The Animated Series…
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, March 14 2018
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Runnin’ Down a Dream (4:19)

On Point, March 16th 2018

Epic Rap Battles of History #7 – Einstein vs Stephen Hawking


Playlist files:

  1. The Who – Bargain (5:31)
  2. Tenacious D – Sasquatch (2:11)
  3. Olivia Newton John (Kira) – Magic (4:27)
  4. CAKE – Open Book (3:39)
  5. Bachman-Turner Overdrive – Hey You (3:31)
  6. Brian O’Halloran (Dante) & Jeff Anderson (Randal) – Shit, or get off the pot… (3:03)
  7. Bachman-Turner Overdrive – Down, Down (4:18)
  8. The Muppet Movie – Someday (2:53)
  9. Tenacious D – Inspirado (5:28)
  10. Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time (3:58)
  11. Olivia Newton John (Kira) & Gene Kelly (Danny McGuire) – Whenever You’re Away From Me (4:17)
  12. Star Wars: A New Hope – The Force will be with you…always… (0:02)
  13. Tenacious D – Tribute (5:22)
  14. The Charlie Daniels Band – The Devil Went Down to Georgia (3:34)


New Retro Wave Tracks (under dialogue)

  1. ORAX – Spirit
  2. Carpenter Brut – Hangem All
  3. Carpenter Brut – Turbo Killer
  4. Dynatron – Dust of the Saturn
  5. HOME – Resonance
  6. Lazerhawk – Shoulder Of Orion
  8. Miami Nights 1984 – Early summer
  9. Quixotic – Dust To Dust
  10. Quixotic – Palms
  11. Wolf and Raven – On The Run


This Thursday ALTITUDE hosted by MODAL ROBERTS returns with a tribute to MARK E. SMITH of THE FALL who sadly passed away last Wednesday.

But rather than a simply a procession of Fall tracks, the show looks at those who influenced and were influenced by MES and the impact he made both on a personal and artistic level.

The show airs Thursday 1 February at 2PM Austin and 8PM London




Today at 4PM Austin and 10PM London enjoy two hours of Christmas Themes starring Tom Waits, Mavis Staples, Katy Perry, Phoenix, Bill Murray, The Simpsons, Eric Cartman, Carrie Fisher, William Burroughs, Henry Rollins, Butthole Surfers, Low, Arab Strap, Billy Childish, Pavement, Wesley Willis and Kurt Cobain.


Here’s one I found in the vault from the end of summer. This is TINDER DIARIES #17 – BURNING UP. It was the mid point show of 2017 and a chart run down of what were the fourteen (actually fifteen) most listened to songs for the first six months of this year according to my Last FM account.

Included in the mix be Alice In Chains, The Auteurs, Bikini Kill, Cake Like, Free Kitten, Fugazi, The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Julie Ruin, Royal Trux, Sleaford Mods and much much more.

The show broadcasts on Tuesday 12 December at 5PM London (11AM Austin) with a repeat play Thursday 14 December at 11PM (5PM Austin)

Proud Of Your Boy!

Mens Prostate Health ’17 edition of Mosh Pit Hell – a Movember Metal episode

MPH noise radio brings metal punk and hardcore into KAOS of music, philanthropy and history as the mosh pit hell with the doormouse, dmf, TONIGHT Sunday, 17 September 2017, 7pm US CST on KAOSradioAustin.org

#MensProstateHealth explores big beards and monster moustache for Movember with hair raising new tracks by Primus, Vintersorg, Paradise Lost, Suffocation, Nightrage, Mors Principium Es, Eaten Alive, Dead Like Me plus a full facial hair extravaganza with Borknagar, Pentagram, Opeth, Soilent Green, Oceano, Neurosis, Crowbar, Soilwork, Dark Tranquility, Amon Amarth, Sworn Enemy, Boysetsfire, Strife, Ministry and more. Learn some of the background of the Movember Foundation and the biggest challenges to Men’s Health right now as well as how to support the work of NurseDavid.com to keep the conversation going

Don’t forget to follow @MPHnoise on your fave SocNet so you don’t end up missing pure headbanging, and check out past episodes in the archive at www.mixcloud.com/MPHnoise and kaosradioaustin.org/recent-shows

Playlist Selections:
the 2014 edition
the 2016 edition
the 2017 edition includes:
Primus “the Seven” the Desaturating Seven
Vintersorg “Jokelvaktaren” Till Fjalls del II
Borknagar “Coalition of Elements” Universal
Pentagram “Dead Bury Dead” Curious Volume
Opeth “Moonlapse Vertigo” Still Life
Paradise Lost “Blood & Chaos” Medusa
Suffocation “Your Last Breaths” Of Dark & Light
Soilent Green “Theory of Pride in Tragedy” Confrontation
Oceano “Slow Murder” Incisions
Neurosis “Raise the Dawn” Honor Found in Decay
Crowbar “Equilibrium” Equilibrium
Nightrage “Catharsis” the Venemous
Soilwork “Late for the Kill” the Panic Broadcast
Dark Tranquility “the Pitiless” Atoma
Amon Amarth “We Shall Destroy” Deceiver of the Gods
Mors Principium Est “In Torment” Embers of a Dying World
Eaten Alive “No Respect” Masterpiece of Ignorance
Sworn Enemy “No End to this Nightmare” Maniacal
Strife “End of Days” Witness a Rebirth
Boysetsfire “the Force Majeure” After the Eulogy
Dead Like Me ” Seulement des corps entassés” À Terre, Amas De Rêves
Ministry “Just One Fix” Psalm 69