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The Gnostic Scholar's Radio Hours: Mary the Great Barbelo

The Gnostic Scholar's Radio Hours: Mary the Great Barbelo - 120:35 minutes (110.41 MB)

The Gnostic Scolar

"And his thought performed a deed and she came forth, namely she who had appeared before him in the shine of his light. This is the first power which was before all of them (and) which came forth from his mind, She is the forethought of the All - her light shines like his light - the perfect power which is the image of the invisible, virginal Spirit who is perfect. The first power, the glory of Barbelo, the perfect glory in the aeons, the glory of the revelation, she glorified the virginal Spirit and it was she who praised him, because thanks to him she had come forth. This is the first thought, his image; she became the womb of everything, for it is she who is prior to them all, the Mother-Father, the first man, the holy Spirit, the thrice-male, the thrice-powerful, the thrice-named androgynous one, and the eternal aeon among the invisible ones, and the first to come forth. --from the Apocryphon of John

Bigger Dick Promo by KAOS Promo

Bigger Dick Promo - 1:02 minutes (974.33 KB)

KAOS IS GOOD 2 by Oblivion

KAOS IS GOOD 2 - 0:46 minutes (725.76 KB)

Your Mom's Metal Show by Oblivion

Your Mom's Metal Show - 120:01 minutes (109.88 MB)

Poetry or Pornography 2

Black Bedtime Stories - Decay

Black Bedtime Stories - Decay - 119:04 minutes (109.02 MB)

BBS - Decay 2

Clown Corpse, Tenacious D, Aeons, JBO, The Dickies, Fields of the Nephilim, Pleasant Valley, Geherit, Humut Tabal, Darkthrone, Gravewurm, Immortal, The Upsetters, Toxic Holocaust, Carpathian Forest, HERR, Forest Silence, Nyktalgia, Inexistenz, Zenith Maudlin, Kataklysm, American Psycho, Battle for Rome: Nero, Death Becomes Her, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Seinfeld, The Dark Ages, The Crumbling of America, The Wizard of Oz, The Cassandra Crossing, Fall of the Roman Empire, The Devil's Advocate, The Young Turks news report, Babylon 5, Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire, Doctor Who, The Tudors

Black Bedtime Stories - This Is Your Brain on Bernays Sauce

Black Bedtime Stories - This is Your Brain on Bernays Sauce - 120:00 minutes (109.87 MB)

Playlist: Hirax, Geherit, Kataklysm, Exodus, Nyktalgia, Nunslaughter, Testament, Wynterfillith, Forest Silence, Annotations of an Autopsy, Humut Tabal, Gravewurm, Exodus, Epidemic Decay, Graveworm, Melechesh, Samael, Lazarus AD, Melechesh and Ghoul Samples came from: The Century of the Self, Doris Lessing, The Persuaders (Frontline), Canadian Bacon, Doctor Who and Border Town

KAOS IS GOOD 2 by oblivion and slander bob

KAOS IS GOOD 2 - 0:46 minutes (725.76 KB)

Sally Calypso's Armistice Day Special

Sally Calypso's Armistice Day Special - 120:00 minutes (109.87 MB)

Armistice Special
While you've a lucifer to light your fag, check out Sally's salute to World War One with the music of the period, as well as narration from documentaries and films!

KAOS is Good by KAOS Promo

KAOS is Good - 0:04 minutes (66.57 KB)

Your Mom's Metal Show

Your Mom's Metal Show - 119:23 minutes (109.31 MB)

Your Mom's Metal Data
Red Harvest, Dimmu Borgir, Exodus, Warbringer, Black Sand, Dew-Scented, Misery Speaks, Lazarus AD, Neaera, Deadly Remains, Ab-Sence, Path of Golconda, Angelkill, Hatchet, Spiritual Demise, Kreator, Suffocation, Shock Troopers, Evile, Oshiego, Images of Violence, Arch Enemy, Carry the Storm, Onslaught, Star Trek: the Next Generation

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