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Santa Claus Is Cumming by Pocket Fishrmen

Santa Claus Is Cumming - 2:55 minutes (2.67 MB)

A Thing For KAOS by KAOS Promo

A Thing For KAOS - 0:36 minutes (564.94 KB)

Black Bedtime Stories: Economic Hit Men

Black Bedtime Stories - 119:28 minutes (109.38 MB)

The Real Iwo Jima

Your Mom's Metal Show by Oblivion

Your Mom's Metal Show - 120:04 minutes (109.93 MB)


"In essence, death metal is about brutal technical proficiency, while black metal is about emotion..." --Sweets

"It all just sounds like a truck full of buzz saws crashing into a cymbal factory to me" --Booth

Texas Chili Show: Let's Go Bombing!

Let's Go Bombing - 119:02 minutes (108.98 MB)

Texas Chili Show - Bombing

It's a party on the edge of annihilation, and everyone will be there, rock n roll nihilists, drunks, punks, preachers, Nazis, anarchists and apocalyptic wingnuts! Tune in for your afternoon BLAST!

Glorious Summer: King George for a Day

King George for a Day - 124:55 minutes (114.37 MB)

Glorious Summer - King George for a Day

Playlist: G F Handel - Zadok the Priest, Water Music, Music for the Royal Fireworks, Hallelujah Chorus
J D Heinichen (not necessarily in order) - Ouverture in G Major, Concerto in C Major, Concerto in A Major for Oboe and Strings, Concerto in G Major for Oboe and Bassoon, Concerto in E minor for 2 Oboes

Duck Blood Soup by Black Bedtime Stories

Duck Blood Soup - 120:13 minutes (110.06 MB)

Duck Blood Soup 2

The Fabulous Bach Brothers and their Kin by Oblivion

The Fabulous Bach Brothers and their Kin - 119:07 minutes (109.06 MB)

Glorious Summer Bach Boys

Goldberg Variations for string by Johann Sebastian Bach for the first hour, followed by Johann Ludwig Bach - Concerto in d Major, Johann Christoph Freidrich Bach - Sinfonia in d minor, Carl Philip Emmanuel Bach - Symphony in E Major, Johann Christian Bach - Symphony in G minor, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach - Sinfonia in D, Symphonie "Dissonante", PDQ Bach - Eine Kleine Nichtmusik

If you want to hear these selections individually and learn more about them go here:

The Secret Solarium

The Gnostic Scholar's Radio Hours

The Gnostic Scholar's Radio Hours - 119:52 minutes (109.75 MB)

Gnostic Melchizedek

Apocryphon of John, Equimanthorn/Second Enoch - The Great Deluge, Equimanthorn - When Seven Came Unto the Firmament, Sephiroth - A Map of Eden Before the Storms, Chant of the Templars - Da Pacem Domine, Medieval song - Dance of Death, Atrium Carceri - Torn Citadel of the Autarch, Hidden Crimes, Dark Ages - The Doors with Scarlet Crosses, Gibbering Mouther - Penanggalan, Goat Craft - Orphans and Widows, Epsilon for Entirety - When Old Trees Die, Gibbering Mouther - The Worm Array, Licht Erlischt - The Vaultventurer, Lapis Niger - Black Serpent Dance, Lingua Fungi - Teonanacatl, Arktau Eos - Language of Embers, Gibbering Mouther - Terrifying Creatures the lurk in heaps of dung, Kelubar Demodand the Enslimed, Aere Aeternus - Conjuration, Gibbering Mouther - Intellect Devourer, Matriarch of Swarms, Treha Sektori - Entori Kethesnah, Raison d'Etre - The Slow Ascend

Mysteries of Easter by Oblivion

Mysteries of Easter - 120:06 minutes (109.96 MB)

Glorious Summer Mysteries of Easter

Albert Roussel - Bacchus et Ariane, Offenbach - Orpheus in the Underworld, Liszt - Orpheus, Liszt - Prometheus, Lovely, lovely Ludwig Van - Creatures of Prometheus, Alexander Scriabin - Prometheus: Poem of Fire, Jean Sibelius - Pan and Echo, Richard Strauss - Also Sprach Zarathustra (complete)

The Secret Solarium

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