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Minuet in Dusseldorf by The Age of Headphones

Minuet in Dusseldorf - 177:33 minutes (162.56 MB)

Tangerine Dream - Saint Ouen

KLAUS SCHULZE - "Minuet" (11:43), "Traumram" (31:36) "Das große Identifikationsspiel" (41:55),
TANGERINE DREAM - "Dusseldorf 1976" (75 minutes)

Jewel box pt 2 by rwr radio

Jewel box pt 2 - 59:55 minutes (54.86 MB)

Jewel Box pt 1 by rwr radio

Jewel Box pt 1 - 56:38 minutes (51.86 MB)

Texas Chili Show: Don Draper in Vegas

Don Draper in Vegas - 119:54 minutes (109.78 MB)

Texas Chili Don Draper

Join Don and Roger for a night of Las Vegas grind!

44 Magnum Opus by Exodus

44 Magnum Opus - 6:56 minutes (6.36 MB)

Random Fits of Radio: Burning Billy

Burning Billy - 59:52 minutes (54.82 MB)

random fits copy

"Bonanza" (German Version), Luxurious Panthers - "Texas Tragedy", Mad Sin - "Come to Take you Away", The Meteors "Hell Ain't Hot Enough", Barnyard Ballers - "Silicone City", Koffin Kats - "Graveyard Tree", 12 Step Rebels - "Angelfuck", Bang Bang Bazooka - "Burn Bobby Burn", Batmobile - "The Living Have More Fun", Demented Are Go - "Be Bop A Lula", Empress of Fur - "Johnny Voodoo", Frantic Flintstones - "Your Cheating Heart", Honky Tonk Hustlas - "Ed's On the Prowl", Mad Sin - "Pig Farm", Reverend Horton Heat - "Bails of Cocaine", Surf Rats - "Plastic", The Matadors - "That's How She Died", The Quakes - "Paint It Black", The Pine Box Boys - "I Kept Her Heart", Frenzy - "Johnny Rocket", Hillbilly Hellcats - "Dead Man's Party", The Meteors - "Wildthing", Luxurious Panthers - "Pomade and Hand Grenades"

Klaus, Saarbrucken 76, Music for Films by The Age of Headphones

Klaus, Saarbrucken 76, Music for Films - 179:01 minutes (163.9 MB)

Fiberglass Jungle 3 by Mahalo Martini Hour

Fiberglass Jungle 3 - 60:16 minutes (55.18 MB)

Mahalo Surfboards

Deep Eddy Records tribute

Playlist: The Sub-Mersions - "So Sensitive" (2:57), Kill, Baby...Kill - "Trioxin Twist" (2:13), The Nematoads - "Devil Ridge: (3:23), King Alcohol - "Unhooked" (2:24), Kill, Baby...Kill - "Ant Invasion" (2:09), The Man From RavCon - "You'll Never Take Me Alive" (5:48), Tyrskykitarat - "Topeno" (2:26), The Nematoads - "Distant Drums" (4:37), Kelp - "El Alacran" (3:54), The Madeira - "The Victor" (3:09), "Dilmohammed" (2:07), "Almoraima" (3:48), "Intruder #1" (1:30), "Intruder" (3:55), Kill, Baby...Kill - "Suppose the Doomsday Cults Were Right" (2:41), The Nematoads - "Five Guns West" (3:28), The S.K.I.M.E.N. - "Theme from S.K.I.M.E.N." (2:41), The Nematoads - "No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Surf!" (3:08), The Man From RavCon - "The Charmer" (4:22)

Fiberglass Jungle 2 by Mahalo Martini Hour

Fiberglass Jungle 2 - 58:30 minutes (53.56 MB)

Mahalo Surfboards

This week Mahalo Martini Hour continues with selection from Fiberglass Jungle, a rare compilation from Deep Eddy Records of Austin, Tx. In addition to the FJ songs, the show starts out with a short uke number, and there is a triple shot of Longboard Ranch, a cover set, and a spy song from Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited.

SWEET HOLLYWAIIANS - "Honolulu Stomp", (2:41) SQUID VICIOUS - "Under the Green" (FJ), WAY OUT WEST - "Evolution" (FJ), THE FABULOUS PLANK-TONES - "Davey Jones Locker"(FJ), (14:40) LONGBOARD RANCH - "Bejal", "Code Red", "Sinbad", (21:43) THE AQUAMEN - "Caipirrina" (FJ), THE HOLLOW GRINDERS - "Piha Death-Rip" (FJ), HOT TECATE - "Surf and Skate All Night" (FJ), (29:23) THE SUPERTONES - "Paint It Black", THE TIKI TONES - "A Shot in the Dark", THE VENTURES - "Dick Tracy", (36;36) HAWAII SAMURAI - "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Batman Theme", DON JUAN SECRETO - "Green Hornet Theme", (42:28)
ENSTRUMEN'TAL - "What's My Name?", LOS FANTASTICOS - "Lady Grinning Soul", (47:51) SURF REPORT - "Surfonica" (FJ), THE MILL VALLEY TATERS - "Foam Aroma" (FJ), SWAMP DONKEYS - "Planet Satan" (FJ), STEREOPHONIC SPACE SOUND UNLIMITED - "Lino Ventura"

Surfing on the Couch by Mahalo Martini Hour

Surfing on the Couch - 59:13 minutes (54.22 MB)

Mahalo Surfing on the Couch

All groovy tunes from television and movies, mostly surf covers. Playlist: Intro - excerpt from "Bonanza" (German Version), excerpt from "Rawhide" by Frankie Lane, The Supertones - "Paladin", anonymous Fender Guitar player vs The Supertones - "The Munsters", Blue Hawaiians - "Our Man Flint", Blue Stingrays - "Goldfinger", The Ventures - "Secret Agent Man", Henry Mancini - "Peter Gunn", Hawaii Samurai - "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", Man or Astroman? - "The Jetsons", The Atlantics - "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly", The Challengers - "The Man from UNCLE", The Spotniks - "From Russia with Love", The Thunderheads - "Pink Panther", Tiki Tones - "A Shot in the Dark", The Ventures - "Twilight Zone", Hawaii Samurai - "Batman", Billy May vs don Juan Secreto - "Green Hornet", The Supertones - "Star Trek", The Ventures - "Hawaii Five-O", Surf Riders - "James Bond"

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