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Adventures in Tacoland by Ziggy

Adventures in Tacoland - 120:01 minutes (109.88 MB)

ill country variety hour

02-25-2014 - 58:24 minutes (53.47 MB)

Ill Country Variety Hour 2

COME AND SEE THE SHOW! Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Bikini Kill, The Dark Knight, Ministry, Eartha Kitt, Earth Crisis, Blue Oyster Cult, Brent Amaker and the Rodeo, The Pine Box Boys, The Dirt, Richard Cheese, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Julie Brown, Jaldaboath, Johnny Cash, Ed Hall, Marty Robbins

Mahalo Martini Hour: From the Vault

From the Vault - 58:49 minutes (53.85 MB)

Mahalo Girls

Why weren't the Bel-Airs included in the Back to the Beach Party series? Because I had this waiting in the wings - it's a series of recordings from 1964, some of them previously unreleased, that were gathered on a CD a few years ago. Alas, that CD is no longer available except at inflated collector prices... But at least you can check it out here on the Mahalo Martini Hour.

1. Volcanic Action* (Bertrand) 0:00
2. Ramrod* (Casey) 2:30
3. Mr. Moto (Johnson/Delvy) 4:38
4. Vampire (Delvy/Johnson) 6:49
5. Peter Pistol* (Mancini) 9:56
6. Let's Go Trippin'* (Dale) 13:26
7. Wild One* (Lowe/Mann/Apell) 15:47
8. Panic Button* (Tomsco) 18:32
9. Yep* (Hazlewood/Eddy) 21:22
10. Bedlam* (Johnson) 23:47
11. Chiflado* (Johnson) 28:12
12. Bulldog* (Tomsco) 31:08
13. Movin' & Groovin'* (Hazlewood/Eddy) 33:11
14. Runaway* (Shannon/Crook) 35:29
15. Ventures' Medley: Lullaby Of The Leaves (Petkere/Young)/Walk, Don't Run (Smith)/Perfidia* (Dominguea/Leeds) 38:03
16. Reveille Rock* (King/Mack/Conatser) 41:13
17. Kamikazee (Johnson) 43:47
18. Little Brown Jug (Winner) 46:11
19. Three Blind Christmas Mice (Trad. Arr. The Belairs) 48:20
20. Volcanic Action (alt take) 51:29
21. Rampage (Bertrand) 54:03
22. Squirt (Bertrand) 56:28

ill country variety hour

02-12-14 - 58:38 minutes (53.68 MB)

Ill Country Variety Hour 2

ON WITH THE SHOW! Wanda Jackson, Empress of Fur, Elvis Hitler, Elvis Presley, Deadbolt, Ghoultown, Marty Robbins, Sonny & Cher, Sloppy Seconds, Phenomenauts, cold war set, the Matadors, Hank Ray, Zanies, Gene Autrey

Mahalo Martini Hour: Charlie's Final Surf

Clashin with Ziggy 3 - 59:26 minutes (54.42 MB)

Mahalo surfboard

This week completes the series of selections from "Charlie Does Surf", "Ziggy Played Surf Guitar" and "Locos Instrumentales Around the World". I've added a few more songs to round out the hour. Playlist: The Anacondas - Guns of Brixton, The Coffin Daggers - Moondawg, Insect Surfers - Speed of Life, Mighty Surf Lords - China Girl, The Ventures - Pink Panther Theme (slow version), Robert and the Roboters - Jutta Aus Kalkutta, The Silverhawks - Atom Tan, The Breakaways - Cat People, Monkey Vs Robot - Jean Genie, Urban Surf Kings - 7 Veils A-Go-Go, The Lancasters - Satan's Holiday, Lucky Cupids - Swan Lake Surf, Pollo Del Mar - Panic in Detroit, The Pteradactyls - The Laughing Gnome, Bitch Boys - Suez Canal Affair, Los Fantasticos - Lady Grinning Soul, The Baronics - Serenade 13 K525, The Thurston Lava Tube - Stay Free

Clashin with Ziggy 2 by Mahalo Martini Hour

Clashin with Ziggy 2 - 60:29 minutes (55.38 MB)

Mahalo surfboard

Green Windows - "the Gospel According to Tony Day", Sr Bikini - "Santo had a Hot Rod", Chum - "Straight to Hell", Los Twangers - "Calypso Voodoo", The Brillantinas - Klezmeil, Queen of the Swamp", Surfadelica - "5 Years", Surf Patrouille - "Slot car Racer", Crime Factor Zero - "Janie Jones", Antonio Fargas - "Bela's Theme", Rock-a-Hulas - "El Cruncho", The Vara-Tones - "Starman", The Mutants - "Timba Aim Gaya", Enstrume'ntal - "What's My Name", The Cocktail Preachers - "Highball Holiday", Ray Daytona and the Googoobombas - "Weird on the Moon", The Tomorrow Men - Moonage Daydream, Chewbaccas - "5000 Light Years Away from Digit Zero", Kelp - "White Riot", Fifty Foot Combo - "Triple Xpresso", The Muffin Mates - "Did You Ever Have a Dream", Bikini Men - "Invasion of...", Los Plantronics - "Signor Link", The Razorblades - "All the Young Dudes"

Clashin with Ziggy's Surf Guitar by Mahalo Martini Hour

Clashin with Ziggy's Surf Guitar - 58:58 minutes (53.99 MB)

Mahalo surfboard

Surf covers of the Clash and David Bowie, and other locos instrumentales from around the world! Playlist: The Fabulous Planktones - "London's Burning", The Thurston Lava Tube - "Ziggy Stardust", El Ras - "The Spider", The Metalunas - "Rod's Brain", The Nematoads - "Death or Glory", The Pterodactyls - "Surfer Jet City", Tijuana Bibles - "Mexican Courage", The Anacondas - "Juanita", The Glasgow Tiki Shakers - "Garageland", The Weasletones - "Life on Mars", Los Walkyson's - "Jinete sin Cabeza", RNA - "Spanish Bombs", The Lost Boys of Penzance - "The Man Who Sold the World", The Nebulas - "Mandalore", Urban Surf Kings - "Clampdown", The Incredible Mr. Smith - "Heroes" Surf Report - "Bluff Failure", The Lava Rats - Complete Control", The Swamp Coolers - "Modern Love"

Santa Claus Is Cumming by Pocket Fishrmen

Santa Claus Is Cumming - 2:55 minutes (2.67 MB)

Black Bedtime Stories: Economic Hit Men

Black Bedtime Stories - 119:28 minutes (109.38 MB)

The Real Iwo Jima

Texas Chili Show: Don Draper in Vegas

Don Draper in Vegas - 119:54 minutes (109.78 MB)

Texas Chili Don Draper

Join Don and Roger for a night of Las Vegas grind!

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