TO EXPRESS THE INEXPRESSIBLE: If You've Got Nothing To Say, It Might As Well Be In Japanese!



7 February 2013

3:00 pm CST / 9 pm UGT

A show featuring many Japanese bands that I'm quite fond of and a great many of these musicians I've actually seen perform live over the past 20 years or I own original vinyl or shellac by them in my record collection.

Tonight on the Asshole and a Half show

we're playing the new ep by

The Extraordiniaires - Pen Pals

that's followed by

Widower - Goat Throne

Then we're playing

Man or Astroman? - Spectrum of the Infinite Scale

and ending the whole thing with most of

Circle of Dead Children - The Genocide Machine

all of that will be punctuated by

Negativeland/Chumbawamba - The ABCs of Anarchism

You're welcome.

no MMM

Unknowns work truck stolen, he wont be done in time for show tonite