…And, we’re back.

Did ya miss us?

We hope you did. And now, we’re back on line and ready to bring you the most irreverent music imaginable.

Just look at what these fine folks have had to say about us:

“Kaos radio lives up to the name. Keep playing the good shit whiel ever one else plays the same lame shit” – Jacob Mcgreevy
“If you want a radio show with an instant vibe that is about rockin heavy and doing it with style and intelligence then listen here.” – Bret Coats

And, if that doesn’t really get the point across for you,don’t forget, “Kaos ejaculates a contemptuous load on the face of mainstream mediocrity…”

so, please, let all your friends know and let’s get everyone re-tuned in!

Author: MPH noise radio with thedoormouse, dmf

MPH is noise radio. AKA: Music, Philanthropy and History in Mosh Pit Hell of Metal, punk and hardcore with your host, the doormouse, dmf (that stands for dirty metal fuck, you fuck). We are Manipulating People's Heads and Making Poseurs Hip Sunday Nights, 1900 USCT (seven post meridiem united states central time for the Whos at home) from the Isle of Misfit Toys! MPH was founded in 2013 by a nerd with a music degree and more than fifteen years of experience in the entertainment industry looking for a way to share a passion for the intersection of facts from the past, things to do to make a better future and the soundtrack that accompanies both. Follow along with @mphnoise on your favorite social network and tune in here: http://kaosradioaustin.org/listen-now/