A March Madness Super-MAD! Mxyz Marathon!?

The Super-MAD! Mxyz?! March Madness-a-thon! Two-episode marathons every Saturday during the month of March, building to a new episode, Sunday March 31st! Let the Madness begin!!!

The Super-MAD! Mxyz March Madness-a-thon!?

Welcome, all Wyrdo’s! It’s time for some March Madness!

To ring-in that release of Springtime energy, the time seemed ripe to get you a new show. Should the gods shine upon us favorably in this season of MAD…a new show will air on Sunday the 31st! The first show aired in January of 2017, so this is kinda’ the two year anniversary, and we wanna’ do somethin’ special!

To help celebrate, each Saturday during the month of March (starting tomorrow, March 2nd!), we’re giving you a chance to catch up on the whole twisted tale…with marathon re-runs of the show, leading up to the new episode!

You’ll get two, full-episodes back-to-back, starting at 6pm EST (5pm Central).

Right off the bat, we’ll launch directly into the deranged tale of our favorite MADMAN…the one-and-only…Frank Einstien!!!

Frank Einstein, by Mike Allred...if ya' didn't know!
Frank Einstein, by Mike Allred…if ya’ didn’t know!

These four hour+ blocks of merry melodies and loony tunes are perfect for those introverted, creative types looking to stay in and log some serious hours on their craft while listening to some whacked out $#@!

If you love a good story told through music, this is where you’ll wanna’ be!

On Sunday nights, during our regularly scheduled slot, we’ll replay the entirety of book two, culminating in episode 10, where we will conclude this section of the Mxyz…and await the appearance of Superman in episode 11, later this spring!

Action Comics 1000 cover ~ Mike Allred
Action Comics 1000 cover ~ Mike Allred

We hope you tune in to hear this cosmic tale of wonder and mystery…

…but if you aint got time for all this KAOS biz, you can head on over to Mixcloud and listen to the whole thing at your leisure!

Just be warned…

The Superman/Madman Hullabaloo ~ Mike Allred
The Superman/Madman Hullabaloo ~ Mike Allred

…there may be some exclusive content that comes along with these marathons…so if you haven’t heard the whole show before, now’s your chance for a unique listening experience! Let the Madness begin!

Please invite your friends!

Madness-a-thon Schedule

Saturday, 2nd:
Book 1, Ep. 1: Enter Frank Einstein…The MADMAN! of Snap City!
Book 1, Ep. 2: Aliens & A.I. (Enter Astroman & Mott, From Hoople!)

Sunday, 3rd: Book 2, Ep. 1 (6): Now For Something Completely Different!

Saturday, 9th: Part Deux?!
Book 1, Ep. 3: The Outer Limits of…The Twilight Zone!
Book 1, Ep. 4: Holy Hullabaloo, Superman!

Sunday, 10th: Book 2, Ep. 2 (#7): Dream On!

Saturday, 16th: Part 3?!
Book 1, Ep. 5: Lost in Space! (The End?!)
Book 2, Ep. 1 (6): Now For Something Completely Different!

Sunday, 17th: Book 2, Ep. 3 (#8): Tribute!

Saturday, 23rd:
Book 2, Ep. 2 (#7): Dream On!
Book 2, Ep. 3 (#8): Tribute!

Sunday, 24th: Book 2, Ep. 4) (#9): Whip Out Your Rock!

Saturday, 30th:
Book 2, Ep. 3 (#8): Tribute!
Book 2, Ep. 4) (#9): Whip Out Your Rock!

Sunday, 31st: NEW EPISODE, #10!

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Superman (C) DC Comics, Madman (C) Mike Allred
Playlist & other original artwork by Eric Wilmoth (E!)

Andy Conlin (Shit’s all fucked up)
Superman: The Movie” Theme, “Madmen” Theme, and a clip from Superman The Animated Series

Author: E!

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